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Katerina Dikeakos, Owner of Are You Better Yet Therapy Services

I became an occupational therapist because I wanted to work with people dealing with complex chronic pain following my own healing journey.  After graduating with a Masters of Science in Occupational Therapy, I focused my practice on pain, fatigue and arthritis, and have recently incorporated women's health into my areas of expertise. 

Over the past 5 years, I have helped over 300 clients improve their function and quality of life. I love my work, but I found myself thinking outside of the box for how to reach more people in pain with education and  self-management interventions; that is where I found an opportunity to work with integrative pain clinics to set up occupational therapy services and workshops.

Along the way, I also realized that it isn't just healthcare professionals who work with clients that have pain- lots of business owners have employees with chronic pain and they don't always understand how pain affects physical, mental and emotional functioning. I created my Chronic Pain Sensitivity Workshop to teach people in the workplace more about pain and how to deal with their own emotions after working with complex clients. 

In 2016, I founded the CAOT-BC Chronic Pain and Occupational Therapy Special Interest Group for occupational therapists practising in British Columbia, Canada to learn new skills and access resources to expand their clinical knowledge base. If you are a clinician, please visit caot.ca for more information on joining our group. 

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