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Kat Dikeakos
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Occupational Therapy



What is an occupational therapist?

Occupational Therapists are highly skilled, licensed medical professionals who are trained in the analysis and holistic treatment of all aspects of day-to-day life, including self-care, leisure, education, home management, volunteering and work. People may have difficulty participating in activities due to an illness, disability, trauma or due to the social, institutional or physical environment.

Occupational Therapists specialize in the assessment of “occupational performance”, which is your ability to choose, organize and effectively and safely perform every day activities. An Occupational Therapist works in a client-centred model that provides rehabilitation to people whose occupations have been disrupted.



About Katerina

Katerina is an Occupational Therapist and consultant with a special interest in the management of chronic pain and trauma. 

In her clinical work and research, Katerina has focused on treating clients with chronic pain and post-concussion issues. Katerina also integrates holistic women’s health into her practice, aiming to support clients facing the unique challenges that come alongside pelvic pain, pregnancy, motherhood, and menopause.  

Katerina found her passion for helping others at a young age following her own complex healing journey after surviving several traumatic accidents, as well as cardiac and digestive illnesses. Through this she found strength in resilience, and recognized healing as a unique experience to the individual that involves all aspects of function, including body, mind, spirit and interpersonal relationships.

In her Occupational Therapy practice, Katerina creates treatment plans focused on the restoration of function in self-care, productivity, leisure and relationships with others. Her philosophy combines compassion with the belief that all individuals with chronic conditions have the potential to improve their quality of life. Skilled in the understanding of how the body and brain function together, Katerina works to educate her clients and help them to develop the skills to self-manage their conditions.

Katerina has helped clients with chronic fatigue syndrome, accident- related injuries, multiple concussions, arthritis and adrenal fatigue with her therapeutic programs, and has had positive results with clients reporting they are more able to participate in meaningful activities they were previously unable to do. 

In her spare time, Katerina chairs the Chronic Pain & OT Practice Network for CAOT-BC and volunteers with Pain BC and The Arthritis Society. 

For bookings or referrals, please call 604-817-1154, or email vancouverot@gmail.com


Conditions treated

Chronic Pain 


Chronic Fatigue Syndrome

Post-Concussion Syndrome 

Chronic Headaches

Perinatal Anxiety

Chronic Pelvic Pain


Adrenal Fatigue & Burnout


Stress, Anxiety & Depression


Complex and Multiple Injuries



Initial Assessment (75 min): $150
Follow Up (60 min): $120
Crisis Session- clients only (30min): $45 

Group Workshop: $75/person

Telehealth options available for clients unable to attend 1:1 in person sessions

                          Let's Work Together! 

                         Let's Work Together! 



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